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Двухэтажный особняк

Хотите жить в необычайно красивом доме. Когда Вам к нам)..


499 TL

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00094 Zeytinburnu/Istanbul 189 m2

Apartment in Istanbul in quite district

Apartment is located in district Kavakli, which in Beylikduzu. Especiality of it is big balcony with nice view. Apartment is new and clean. Primary, secondary schools, shops are nearby the house...


330 000 TL

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00093 Beylikduzu/Istanbul 110 m2 2 Bedroom 2 bathroom

Gold City direct sale from the owner! 2+1

Direct sale from the owner! With 70% discount from the price of the builder! Gold City Gold City, Alanya (Turkey).2 + 1 apartment in the Gold City Gold City complex in Alanya (Turkey). Direct sale from the owner. 11 Floor.The apartment is fully finished. Living room and 2 bedrooms, equipped kitchen and 2 bath..


265 000 TL

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00088 Belek/Antalya 105 m2 2 Bedroom 2 bathroom

Villa in Turkey from the owner in ALANYA 5 + 1

Villa without intermediate! Discount 75000 €Proposal From the owner. Without intermediary. In good hands! Discount 75 000 € from the price of the builder. I sell as needed. Fully furnished. !!The price of the developer was 250,000 € / bought for 210 000 € - a discount of 75 000 € from the price of the builder..


700 000 TL

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00087 Beylikduzu/Antalya 380 m2 5 Bedroom >4 bathroom


Продается квартира 2+1 в экологически чистом районе Гюрпинар на берегу Мраморного моря. Комплекс состоит из двух блоков со своей автопарковкой и детской площадкой.  100 м2 2 ванных цена 330000 лир..


330 000 TL

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00086 Beylikduzu/Istanbul 100 m2 2 Bedroom 2 bathroom


Продается квартира 2+1 на первом этаже с тремя санузлами в районе Каваклы. Рядом расположены мечеть, магазины, кафе...


270 000 TL

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00085 Beylikduzu/Istanbul 95 m2 2 Bedroom 3 bathroom


Комплекс из 4-х блоков расположен вблизи трассы Хошдере соединяющая основные трассы Стамбула Е-5 и Е-6. К этому времени сданы два блока. На территории комплекса предусмотрены круглосуточная охрана и детская площадка. Рядом с комплексом расположены красивая мечеть и аптека. Для примера, квартира 3+1, 2 сануз..


160 000 TL

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00084 Beylikduzu/Istanbul 100 m2 3 Bedroom 2 bathroom


Продается квартира 1+1 в большом жилом комплексе. Закрытая охраняемая территория с местами для отдыха и детской площадкой. Комплекс находится недалеко от трассы Е-5, в 5 минутах езды на автомобиле. Рядом с территорией находится остановка автобуса. Вблизи комплекса расположены супермаркеты, школы, салоны..


129 000 TL

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00083 Esenyurt/Istanbul 63 m2 1 Bedroom 1 bathroom


Квартира расположена в очень живом микрорайоне насыщенном банками и кафе и ресторанами. Очень популярен и престижен как и для иностранцев, так и для турков. Рядом находится еженедельный базар, где вы можете купить свежие продукты. Дом расположен недалеко от трассы Е-5, в 10 минутах ходьбы от метробуса. ..


335 000 TL

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00082 Esenyurt/Istanbul 135 m2 3 Bedroom 2 bathroom


Продается просторная квартира 2+1 в районе Каваклы. Каваклы - тихий, спокойный район, прилегает к морю и граничит с магистралью Е-5. До аэропорта Ататюрк 25 минут езды на автомобиле. ..


270 000 TL

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00081 Beylikduzu/Istanbul 100 m2 2 Bedroom 2 bathroom


Квартира 2+1, 75 м2 в доме новой постройки всего за 210000. Район Каяшехир, Кипташ-евлери. Полы выложены плиткой. В спальнях. Рядом находятся всё необходимое для жизни - школы и магазины. Рядом с домом проходит автобус. Недалеко от дома планируется провести канал Стамбул...


230 000 TL

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00080 Bashakshehir/Istanbul 75 m2 2 Bedroom 1 bathroom

Двухэтажная квартира в районе Бейликдузу

Двухэтажная квартира в новом доме, в новом развивающемся районе. Количество комнат 3+2 -165M2..


450 000 TL

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00079 Beylikduzu/Istanbul 320 m2 3 Bedroom 2 bathroom

Очень большой дуплекс в тихом районе

Продается кватрира 5+1 в микрорайоне Каваклы прилегающем к Мраморному морю. Отличное снабжение транспортом. Всего 30 минут до аэропорта Ататюрк. Улица, ведущая к морскому побережью расположена в тихом, уютном микрорайоне. Есть магазины. Рядом расположены школы мечеть. Квартира с тремя санузлами. Не упу..


460 000 TL

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00077 Beylikduzu/Istanbul 240 m2 5 Bedroom 3 bathroom

5 star hotel in antalya

Hotel for sale in Antalya, Belek area. Land area 168000 m2 Hotel Area 45000 m2 Designed for 2000 seats The first line from the sea..


315 000 000 TL

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00076 Kalkan/Antalya 45000 m2

New apartment with the sea view

For sale 3 + 1 in Kavaklı near to the Marmara Sea. Excellent transport supply. Just 30 minutes to Ataturk Airport. The street leading to the sea coast is situated in a quiet, pleasant neighborhood. There are shops, schools, mosque all are nearby. The apartment has two bathrooms. Do not miss the chance..


350 000 TL

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00075 Beylikduzu/Istanbul 120 m2 3 Bedroom 2 bathroom

The house consists of 6 separate apartments

The house consists of 6 apartments: 4 pieces of 3 + 1 2 pieces of 2 + 1 ..


1 090 000 TL

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00074 Esenyurt/Istanbul 600 m2 2 Bedroom 2 bathroom

Nice apartment in complex from 2 blocks

For your attention apartment, which located in a quiet area near of the sea of Marmara. The apartment is located on the entrance floor, the apartments feature is a private kitchen...


135 000 TL

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00073 Beylikduzu/Istanbul 45 m2 1 Bedroom 1 bathroom

3 villas in ecollogically clean district

3 villas price is 1800000 TL in Chatalja Near the coniferous forest Large and luxurious garden The villas have a great view from the window Especiallity is that area do not have factories Exterior is made by US siding. On the territory there are: 1 extension 3 barn 1 heated greenhouse for veget..


1 800 000 TL

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00072 Catalja/Istanbul 600 m2 3 Bedroom 2 bathroom

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Higher education in Turkey is represented by several types of educational institutions: universities, military and police schools and academies, higher schools of vocational training. For studying there it is necessary to obtain a complete secondary education, and to pass entrance exams.


Turkey is on the way from an agrarian to an industrial state and is steadily moving to the given direction. Industry growth needs improvements in the education system for the prevention of the personnel shortage in the labor market. Demand, as we know, education system in Turkey shows a high level of training, and some universities of the country, ...


If you have already bought property in Turkey from the builder and plan to live in the country a long time, then first of all you should arrange a residence permit in Turkey (residence permit).


In 2016, the Turkish Republic has announced that foreign investors may take a part in the "investment program" and obtain Turkish citizenship by a simplified system. Who can be involved in this program:


How much to live in Turkey - it is a question which allways asked by those who want to take a permanent residence in the Republic, or those who have decided to buy an apartment in Turkey for personal purposes. Many people believe that life in Turkey is cheap, it is true but this true depends of the people incomes.


There are several reasons why Turkey is becoming increasingly attractive for those who wants to buy a property


In Istanbul, touching different continents. Istanbul is the history. Istanbul is the capital of culture and art. Istanbul is life.


Now it is no secret that the most profitable projects are located on the territory of Turkey. But before you select an object for investment, it is necessary to develope clear criteria with the aim that future investments will bring the maximum profit.


OSMAN REALTY - a real estate agency in the Turkish market.

We are always guided by the main rule: the desire of customers above the desires of the company.
Turning to us once, our customers return to us again: someone to buy a new apartment and give it for the rent, someone wants to sell and buy a more spacious apartment.
But someone wants to invest money in the investment project, or start a business in the Turkey from scratch.
If you work with us you will get:

1. Unlimited number of proposals for the residential or commercial real estate, land and investment projects.

2. Free orientation tour: we will meet you at the airport and will be all steps with you till your purchase and after.

3. Real estate and land in different price range.

4. Free consultations about which area is best to buy a house.

5. Realtors who speak Russian, Turkish, English and Arabic.

6. Assistance in the preparation of documents (we wil do it for you).

7. Additional discounts and bonuses if you return us back.